Brownstein Group Joins Worldwide Partners, Global Network of Independent Agencies

Philadelphia, January 8, 2020 — Brownstein Group has become an official member of Worldwide Partners Inc. (WPI), one of the largest networks of independent advertising…


Bring the Sizzle to Virtual Presentations

For Brownstein Group, as for many other companies around the world, the past two weeks have been a time of…

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Watch: BG's Nick Bailey Talks Advertising and Entertainment On "Media Inside Out"

On this episode of Temple TV's Media Inside Out, host Sherri Hope Culver explores the blurring line between entertainment and…

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Reputation and Communications at a Time of Crisis

According to a study conducted by the Reputation Institute at the beginning of March, 50% of the public feel that risks…

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How to Prepare for Emerging Consumer Behavior 

An unprecedented change in consumer behavior is underway. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in massive socioeconomic disruption that has affected…

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BG Cribs: 3 Tips for Finding Creativity & Motivation at Home

Brownstein Group implemented a work from home policy two weeks ago, and a recent survey of the agency shows how…

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Brownstein Group Announces Promotions and Key Role Changes

Philadelphia, February 27, 2020 — Brownstein Group has announced several major promotions to recognize the work of legacy employees and…

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Minimalist Marketing: How to Say More with Less

If you have recently decluttered your basement, arranged your closet like a UNIQLO display, or taken up bullet journaling, meal…

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Saying Something Once is Better

When looking at campaign recall, a study by advertising marketplace Sublime found that when a consumer was exposed to a…

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Brownstein Group and Inspira Collaborate on Empowering Cancer Care Ad

The footage is simple: black and white, no music. A woman comes face-to-face with her reflection in a quiet bathroom.…

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Our Top 3 Super Bowl Ad Predictions

The Super Bowl is the American Idol of advertising. Between the game and the replays, for nearly an entire hour,…

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Understanding the Real Value of Super Bowl Ads

In the past two years, Super Bowl ads generated more than $300M in revenue, and in 2019 specifically, revenue totaled…

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The Difference Between "Left-Brain" and "Right-Brain" Ads

Brands in the UK and US are too focused on short-term, narrow, goal-oriented TV creative work rather than ads that…

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The Top Ads of 2019 (and What They Say About Us)

We live in strange times. Turn on the television and every news story seems to cycle between polarized viewpoints and…

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Brownstein Group Wins First Clio Award for Inspira Health Spot

Philadelphia, December 9, 2019 — Brownstein Group has won its first Clio Award for a 30-second commercial created for Inspira…

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The Fintech Boom: What Marketers Need to Know

Last winter, PayPal co-founder Luke Nosek found himself seated in a small conference room, high above the Swiss Alps, shoulder…

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Fintech Companies Capture a New Generation of Entrepreneurs

For 68% of financial institutions polled in a recent study, innovation was chiefly driven by changing consumer behaviors, especially concerning…

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Marc Brownstein and Philadelphia Leaders Discuss the City’s Legacy At ThinkFest 2019

Philadelphia, PA, November 15, 2019 — The Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Pennsylvania was crowded…

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How Women's Representation Became the Unofficial Theme of Advertising Week

Managing Director Erin Allsman delves into women's representation in the advertising industry in an op-ed for MediaPost.

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STORES Magazine Profiles the Making of GIANT's "Here's the Deal" Campaign

The campaign represents the evolution of retail messaging, according to Gary Greenberg, VP and Executive Creative Director at BG.

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The Gap Between Online and Offline Traffic Shortens

According to a study carried out in the US and Western Europe, 82% of people have tried a "near me"…

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