Brownstein And NJM Show Off Their Newest Addition To The “No Jingles Or Mascots” Campaign

NJM and agency partner Brownstein released the latest round of work for the brand’s “No Jingles or Mascots” campaign. With…

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The Dos and Don’ts Of Shock-Value Marketing

In the past year, novelty and shock-value marketing has ramped up to include a wide range of brands and product…

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Planning for the Best: Pulling Inspiration from Consumer Behaviours with Anne Ryan

Brownstein’s vice president of brand strategy on Reddit, living in a world of going down rabbit holes and being vulnerable

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5 Minutes with… Erin Allsman

Brownstein Group’s first-ever non-family member president speaks to LBB’s Addison Capper about the agency’s ‘Brand Longevity Lab’, and how her…

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Creative Trends to Flex Advertising Spend Even Harder

Two months into 2023, we’re seeing new advertising tactics taking the main stage for brands adapting their message to a…

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Mascot Questions His Whole Existence in NJM Insurance’s Latest ‘No Jingles or Mascots’ Spots

Brownstein expands on the world of insurance mascots in ‘Therapy’ and ‘Father and Son’

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Brownstein And NJM Unveil Two New Spots For The ‘No Jingles or Mascots’ Campaign

Following two years of continued acclaim and audience response, Brownstein and NJM have launched two new spots – titled ‘Therapy’…

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Interview With Brownstein President: Erin Allsman

Brownstein Group announced the elevation of long-time Managing Director, Erin Allsman, to the role of president on January 18th. In…

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Brownstein Elevates Erin Allsman to Agency President

Erin most recently served as the agency’s first managing director

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