Brownstein and NJM Reveal Latest Additions to the “No Jingles or Mascots” Campaign

NJM and agency partner Brownstein recently launched two advertisements as part of their ongoing “No Jingles or Mascots” campaign: “Private Eye” and “Basement Storage.” While staying true to the campaign’s overall creative strategy, the two concepts introduce new messaging, allowing the creative team to explore new thematic territory for the brand…and new locations.

The first ad, “Private Eye,” captures the natural build-up of classic film noir, following a sleuth as he makes his way to a diner, where he meets with a mascot and reveals NJM’s “secret” – putting policyholders first. The spot plays on the idea of NJM’s competitors trying to discover what sets NJM apart, and elevates the brand’s “policyholders first” message.

“Basement Storage” is a more direct extension of the “No Jingles” campaign, giving audiences a unique glimpse into what happens at NJM after an unsuccessful mascot pitch, namely what happens to the unused mascots themselves: getting stored in the basement.

Both spots highlight NJM’s transparency with its customers, emphasizing that the brand will prioritize its customers over everything else. And since they provide such great service, they don’t need all the “fluff.”

The new advertisements are both part of fully integrated campaigns, appearing in TV ads, social media, digital OLV, digital OOH, and banner ads.

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