Brownstein Launches its Brand Longevity Lab

After a national research survey with The Harris Poll, Brownstein is ready to unveil a new platform for building unstoppable brands.

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Social Platforms Sweeping Overhaul and What Brands Can Do To Flourish When the Winds Change

Now well into their teen years, social media platforms are in a phase of adaptation and experimentation, one that will…

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Evaluating Values for Brands

Values play an essential role in establishing a brand and its image. They represent what a brand stands for in…

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Dream Teams: Brownstein's “Pair of Ad Nerds” Meredith Schwinder and Chris Grenier

Brownstein’s group creative directors Meredith Schwinder and Chris Grenier tell LBB’s Ben Conway about bonding over their “encyclopaedic knowledge” of…

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So what IS the Metaverse? And why should it matter to marketers?

Marketers are familiar with social media, AR, and VR, all of which have become critical tools in shaping brands’ marketing…

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The Work That Made Me: Gary Greenberg

Brownstein Group ECD on Michael Jackson’s groundbreaking ‘Thriller’ music video and why he keeps coming back to watch The Dark…

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Brand Lessons in Irreverent Marketing & Tiktok

In recent years, social media has proven itself again and again to be the top channel for brand amplification. Lately,…

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Inspira Health’s New Campaign with Brownstein Inspires Future Doctors to Join One of the Fastest-Growing Residency Programs in the Region

Philadelphia, PA (February 2, 2022) – Inspira Health, a leading nonprofit healthcare organization in Southern New Jersey, has launched a…

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The Good, The Bad, and The Future: Top Trends and Predictions from Brownstein Leaders

2021 was a dramatic year in marketing. Creativity was at an all-time high; we saw everything from luxury brands launching…

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Inspira Health and Brownstein win for their quick-to-market campaign to honor health care workers, garnering 20 million+ impressions Philadelphia, PA…

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The Inevitable Impact of the Digital Age on Brand Longevity

Technology has continued to play a pivotal role in how brands interact with consumers. For instance, this year we saw…

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