Brownstein And NJM Unveil Two New Spots For The ‘No Jingles or Mascots’ Campaign

Following two years of continued acclaim and audience response, Brownstein and NJM have launched two new spots – titled ‘Therapy’ and ‘Father and Son’ – in the “No Jingles or Mascots” campaign.

‘Therapy’ provides a comedic peek into the fictional world of a mascot therapist, as the counselor works with a costumed individual to diagnose their anxiety about NJM’s lack of mascots.


‘Father and Son’ spotlights a conversation between a father, who is a mascot, and his son who dreams of one day following in his father’s footsteps. Played by two Highland cows, the subjects of the ad note that consumers want more from their insurance company than a mascot, underscoring the value that NJM brings to its customers.

Father and Son

“This latest batch of work expands on our world of insurance mascots. This time, we go deeper into their own personal awareness of NJM and what that means for them,” said Kaitlyn Castillo, Associate Creative Director at Brownstein. “Throughout the lifetime of this campaign, we’ve always had it in the back of our minds to have a waiting room full of mascots, and ‘Therapy’ ended up being the perfect situation for this to happen. For ‘Father & Son,’ we filmed with real Highland cows because they are such beautiful animals; we didn’t want to try to recreate them and risk losing their inherent personality.”

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