Brownstein And NJM Show Off Their Newest Addition To The “No Jingles Or Mascots” Campaign

NJM and agency partner Brownstein released the latest round of work for the brand’s “No Jingles or Mascots” campaign. With two new spots that feature relatable moments (with a twist), the campaign stretches across TV, radio, digital, OLV, and social media.

In this latest round of creative maintains the campaign’s national-attention-grabbing themes, while placing more emphasis on NJM’s award-winning claims experience.

A new aspect of these spots is the mention of NJM’s dedicated representatives, one of the insurance brand’s keys to their continued customer service success. The creative also makes note of NJM’s recent J.D. Power award for an exceptional auto claims experience and their excellent Trustpilot rating, based on more than 9,000 reviews. The recent recognition of the level of customer service that NJM provides adds to an already lengthy list of awards, many of which have been featured in previous marketing for the brand.

To strike the proper balance between humor and emphasizing the superior claims experience, Brownstein returned to director Mark Gilbert, who has been a steadfast partner in creating work alongside the agency for NJM. VFX company Stratostorm created the whimsical visual effects in the clouds.

“We wanted to approach the overarching theme of ‘No Jingles or Mascots’ from a new vantage point, and really show another side of the campaign,” noted Brownstein’s Natalie Cross, Art Director. “People recognize the campaign, and because of that, these spots are an opportunity to dig deeper into NJM’s reputation as an insurance company that truly prioritizes their customers,” said Andrew Acconzo, Senior Copywriter at Brownstein.

The new work will launch in early April across Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania markets.

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