Marc Brownstein Discusses Marcom Industry in Philadelphia in Philadelphia Business Journal Article

PHILADELPHIA (March 21, 2017) Greater Philadelphia’s marketing communications industry has grown into a robust industry that can attract and retain high talent, but industry leaders say more work is needed to elevate its nationwide and global reputations, which have lagged compared to that of its counterparts.

The 2,256-firm industry has made significant strides, and that’s made it easier for local players to find the talent pool they need.

“It’s easier to attract talent to the city now than it had been in the past,” Marc Brownstein, of Brownstein Group, said during a Philadelphia Business Journal roundtable featuring nine of the region’s top marcom leaders.

Brownstein said he’s also encouraged by the talent that’s staying in the region for the marcom industry, which, according to the report, has grown 12.6 percent to nearly 25,000 employees between 2011 and 2014.

“We used to lose all the folks from college; they used to graduate and move back to where they were or elsewhere,” Brownstein said. “They’re largely not doing that anymore.”

While Philadelphia’s industry is thriving, the city’s proximity to New York can be a hindrance, one that pushes local companies headquartered in the region to take that short train or bus ride to rub shoulders with New York agencies.

Not bragging about its sophistication and abilities is among the problems hindering Greater Philadelphia’s marcom industry, according to the local leaders.

Brownstein said it’s time for marcom agencies to “dial up their voice.”

“We should do great work, build our businesses and take the megaphone out and tell the country and world,” Brownstein added. “If everyone does that, there will be a collective, louder voice about the city.”

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