Marc Brownstein Details Traits of Successful Ad Industry Professionals in Latest Blog for The Drum

PHILADELPHIA (July 31, 2017)-There’s a saying in the agency business that people can move from the agency side to the client side, but rarely the other way around. In his latest blog for The Drum, Brownstein Group CEO and President Marc Brownstein discusses the most important skills that any agency professional will need to have to be successful in the industry.

Masters of Multi-tasking: we juggle a lot–communicating with colleagues and clients; gathering research; analyzing data and insights; stating a critical point-of-view; massaging internal egos; and meeting deadlines are just a few of the tasks we learn to navigate. Think of how that also applies at home with your family.

Stay Calm and Carry On: I’m willing to wager that agency folks handle pressure better than any other industry. Pressure from inside to nail the right idea. Pressure from outside, with clients demanding attentive service and great results. Pressure from vendors who may or may not deliver what we need, when we need it. Pressure from owners and investors who demand higher margins in a business of shrinking margins. Pressure from home, as agency hours are typically long and often move into the weekend. After three decades in the agency business, there are few things that rattle my cage at work or home.

Living on the Edge: a fact in the agency business is that we can lose a client suddenly. Reasons are many: company is sold; CMO is fired and replaced with a new CMO that replaces the agency; client revenues are down; or the agency work just doesn’t work. We live with this reality every day, and just have to work hard to earn our keep. I’m often jealous of my peers in other service industries, such as accounting, legal, and consulting, where clients often stay for decades. That’s my dream with our clients!

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