Brownstein Calls for Marketers to Reverse Aging Adult Stereotypes in Advertising in Article Featured on The Drum

PHILADELPHIA (April 11, 2017)– If you’re a marketer, when you hear “age is just a number” you might roll your eyes a little bit. Or maybe just wince. But when figuring out how to market to an aging adult population (specifically baby boomers who just reached 60 years to more elderly seniors), it’s important to know that there is more to the story than just numbers.

According to an article recently published on The Drum by Brownstein Group Director of Brand Strategy Anne Ryan and Account Planner Ben Kripke,though conducting research and building out more realistic and wide-reaching consumer personas for aging adults may not be as ‘sexy’ as those of the ever-coveted millennial consumer, aging boomers (aged 50+) are a large and powerful group that will soon control 70% of the disposable income in the United States, with the average senior being nine times richer than the typical millennial.

Although a handful of brands are leading the charge, marketers still have a long way to go to close the gap between real aging adults and what we’re seeing in the media. Remember, this is a diverse generation that put a man on the moon, invented the Internet, and continues to contribute today in grand form. So which marketers are hitting the mark and which ones are just plan tired?

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