Worldwide Partners Global Summit 2022: An Interview With Erin Allsman and Laura Emanuel

This month, Erin Allsman, Managing Director at Brownstein and Laura Emanuel, Managing Director at Red Thread PR traveled to Amsterdam for Worldwide Partners Global Summit – Aperture 2022. The duo spent three days with the foremost marketers in the world, discussing the future of consumer behavior and the effect of global events on advertising and PR.

Upon their return from the Venice of the North, we interviewed the directors about their experience attending the event.

What was the most impactful takeaway from the conference?

Laura Emanuel: We’re two years into our Worldwide Partners journey, but COVID delayed our in-person participation in the global meetings until now. We’re fortunate to have already worked with nearly 10 partner agencies, but my biggest takeaway was that we’ve only scratched the surface of the immense talent within this network. CEO John Harris quoted Henry Ford with this very relevant message “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Erin Allsman: Getting to know our global colleagues on a personal level will only lead to more shared success – and partnership in the years to come. WPI provides a critical extension of the Brownstein Group network and allows us to build campaigns and teams to accomplish our goals from any geography across the globe.

What do you see as the biggest change coming to agencies in the next year?

Erin Allsman: Whether it’s the biggest change or just a positive evolution, many of us are experiencing the increasing desire for better integration at the inter-agency level and between agencies and in-house client resources. At Brownstein, we’re seeing two encouraging trends: first, more clients are driving integration, breaking down their own internal siloes that historically prevented inter-agency integration, and second, recognition of the limitations of in-housing and seeing the benefit of true collaboration between agencies and in-house teams.

Laura Emanuel: Clients say they want more 1:1 collaboration time with their agency partners, so agencies will need to learn how to do that in an authentic and productive way that is truly a different working model that delivers greater value and effectiveness. These relationships will allow agencies to survive (and thrive) amid economic challenges.

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