Why Personalized Marketing Misses the Mark

“Marketers constantly strive to provide cohesive and tailored experiences to consumers. But recent data from Infogroup shows that many still miss the mark. Of the US internet users surveyed, 93% said they weren’t getting any relevant marketing communications, and almost as many (90%) were annoyed by irrelevant messaging. More importantly, 44% of respondents said they would switch to other brands that did a better job of personalizing the content they saw.”

Source: eMarketer



Personalized marketing is still in its nascent stages, and the data clearly shows that there’s room for improvement. Marketers have to explore why ads aren’t consistently reaching intended audiences in a timely and relevant way. Are audiences too broadly generalized? Is the right kind of data being collected? Are the right delivery channels being used? Trust your gut. Sometimes following your intuition and choosing the obvious can trump a hoard of data.

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