Understanding the Real Value of Super Bowl Ads

In the past two years, Super Bowl ads generated more than $300M in revenue, and in 2019 specifically, revenue totaled $336M. It is a popular opinion among adults in the United States that Super Bowl commercials are good entertainment – the majority of surveyed Americans perceive them that way. What is more, some 19 percent indicate that Super Bowl advertising makes them aware of advertiser brands, which fortunately means that companies can count on exposure to prospective customers. 

         Source: Statista 


 A majority of viewers still see Super Bowl ads as good entertainment, which means there’s something special about the show for the ad industry. It presents a moment when advertisers and their audiences are aligned in wanting to see advertising, both as a craft and as a form of entertainment that can cross boundaries and test our convictions. Therefore, while brand awareness and exposure are important, and the hundreds of millions of dollars generated by Super Bowl ads are impressive, it’s the unique opportunity to showcase ads closely adjacent to the main act that makes the game an advertising phenomenon.

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