Saying Something Once is Better

When looking at campaign recall, a study by advertising marketplace Sublime found that when a consumer was exposed to a campaign just once, recall increased by 26%, which was then reduced to 6% after 10 exposures. Two or three exposures are optimal for increasing both brand familiarity and favorability, which increases by 4% and 7% respectively, the report says.

         Source: Campaign 


It’s a classic social truism: nobody likes somebody who repeats themselves over and over again. But when common sense can’t breach the marketing mindset, some figures might help. This study demonstrates how brand awareness is inherently tied to novelty and tactfulness, and clearly shows how invasive persistence kills brand familiarity AND favorability. The internet gave us access to many free services and opportunities, but it also gave rise to the world of spam and ad-blockers. Creating a friendlier environment for consumers where ads are more respectful, personalized and less redundant — will not only lead to better marketing results and brand awareness for advertisers, but to a more welcoming online environment for everyone.

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