The Surprising Growth of Billboards and Out-of-Home Ads

“In 2018, spending on out-of-home advertising channels such as billboards, cinema ads and video screens in elevators at gas pumps rose 4.5% to $8.2 billion in the US.”

Source: MAGNA



According to a new report, out-of-home advertising is the only linear media type that’s experiencing consistent organic growth year-over-year; ad sales in this category have grown by an average of 4% in the last nine years, compared to a 1% decline for all non-digital media (think TV, print and radio) over the same time period. While it might seem old school, marketers who’ve become frustrated with the many issues surrounding digital media – everything from brand safety to ad fraud – are finding comfort in out-of-home ads. Not only are they guaranteed to reach a wide swath of people, but with the help of technology, they’ve become increasingly dynamic; marketers can now tailor their messaging to specific events, the weather and even traffic.

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