The Gap Between Online and Offline Traffic Shortens

According to a study carried out in the US and Western Europe, 82% of people have tried a “near me” search on their mobile devices. The report also found that an increase of 0.1 points (or stars) on a business’ rating on a mapped listing can drive conversion rates by up to 25%.

Source: Uberall



It is no longer possible to conceive of a brick-and-mortar business as an island — independent of anything but the foot traffic at its doorstep. Every establishment is now bound to various attributes and listings online, including ratings, images, reviews, and location information. Negotiating this online-offline presence successfully means engaging customers before and after their in-store experience.

For restaurants, this might mean providing extensive booking and ordering options online, as well as behind-the-scenes content from the kitchen, such as recipe newsletters and video showcases. For fitness and entertainment venues, this might involve creating online communities and groups to build brand loyalty and support. When a venue’s popularity is judged by online traffic and engagement — as is the case with popular wayfinding apps – then maintaining constant and positive engagement online is a priority for being included, literally, on the map.


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