Setting the Table

GIANT Food Stores was established in 1923 as a small fresh meat market in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Even though they’ve since expanded to more than 170 neighborhood food stores, GIANT maintains the same focus on fresh thinking and putting their customers first. And for their customers, life has gotten busier in the past 95 years, with obligations often keeping families from gathering together as a unit. In fact, research shows that:

  • The average American eats one out of every five meals in their car
  • One-in-four Americans eats at least one fast food meal a day
  • The majority of American families eat a meal together less than five days a week

This separation can have serious consequences, and kids who do not regularly eat with their parents are statistically 40% more likely to be overweight, compared to those who gather at least twice a week for family meals. On the flip side, a study conducted by Columbia University found that children who have dinner with their parents five or more days a week eat healthier, show better academic performance, and report being closer with their parents.

GIANT made Brownstein Group (BG) its advertising agency of record in June 2018, and tasked the team with helping bring to life GIANT’s commitment to their customers and the community, including their emphasis on the significance of family moments. The first work would be two television commercials – one in support of ‘National Family Meals Month’ in September, and one promoting GIANT fresh produce. The creative team at BG knew these spots would be important in setting the tone for the year ahead.

“We love working with GIANT because they are genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of their customers and making their everyday moments easier and more enjoyable,” said Gary Greenberg, VP & Executive Creative Director at Brownstein Group. “As our creative team began to concept, instead of merely showcasing the food, we concentrated on where these family moments occur – from the wide array of emotions shared around the dinner table, to a mother and her children making a smoothie in the kitchen. Life happens in these places, and by contextualizing how food choices and shared meals can positively impact the family dynamic, we’re reinforcing the important role GIANT plays in everyday life.”

* * *

Commercial One: “The Dinner Table”

“The dinner table is a metaphor for daily family life; a place for paying bills or studying algebra, having big life discussions or just talking about your day,” said Greenberg. “In this spot, we filmed settings instead of people, so any family could picture themselves in each moment.”


Commercial Two: “The Smoothie”

“It’s tough being a parent – you have to balance your desire to get the best, freshest produce with the reality of the family budget,” continued Greenberg. “In this spot, we’re showing that healthy food choices can be fun, and that being together as a family is time well spent.”

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