Rethinking Our Values and Consumption Choices

Today, a third of consumers strongly agree with the suggestion that they will reappraise the things they value most and not take certain things for granted. And more than a quarter say they pay more attention to what they consume and what impact it has. Will consumers in our post-crisis world become more mindful about the consequences of their choices?

Let us hope so. Difficult times call for simple and resourceful solutions, and for a greater awareness of what matters in our everyday lives — such as the things that keep us fed, healthy, sheltered, and together.

Experts have warned that some of the eye-opening benefits of the economic deceleration brought about by the pandemic—reports of blue skies and clear waters in cities around the world—will be short-lived unless we completely rethink our obsession with growth. By building on our experience of social distancing, self-isolation, and quarantine, we can envision better ways of living in order to continue the “accidental” progress we’ve made in the way we care for the planet.

Difficult times also give brands an opportunity to redesign their approach to marketing to meet these changing needs and attitudes.

Expect the sustainability and health movements to come back stronger than ever, not only because of a need to be more economical, but also because this shared experience will force us to rethink our values and the way we make consumption choices.

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