Embracing AI for Administrative Intelligence

Conversations around AI seem to swirl everywhere, as we watch companies test the waters of artificial intelligence’s capabilities—to both good and bad results. Here at Brownstein Group, we believe we shouldn’t be fearful of AI, but rather embrace it to help us do our jobs better. That’s why we’re leaning into this technology and making investments to leverage it in our work. A caveat: It won’t replace the strategy we carefully curate for each campaign, the creativity we bring to every idea (big or small), or the partnerships we cultivate and nurture within our agency and among our clients. However, it can help us break down some of the administrative barriers we may face and dive into our work smarter, sooner, and more efficiently.

So, how are we leaning into AI? Here are just a few of the things our agency is working on to integrate AI into the way we work, smartly.

Internal AI Counsel

Brownstein Group has formed an internal, monthly subcommittee to guide the agency in the responsible and innovative use of AI within our industry. These leaders practice and advocate the use of AI in ways that benefit our team and our clients, with the goal of ultimately revolutionizing our business operations. It’s all about making AI accessible to all employees, regardless of their role, and working to demystify AI concepts so we can adopt AI in our work, as appropriate.

AI Intern

We launched our AI internship program this past spring, welcoming a member to our team who is solely dedicated to artificial intelligence. With a background in Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Algorithms and Theory, our intern Midhusi Keran is working collaboratively with our internal team on our agency’s AI processes, policies, and future programs designed to bridge technology and the nuances of a human touch.

Competitive and Category Research

Our teams leverage AI to help our robust secondary research in the competitive, category, and cultural landscapes—summarizing data and generating quick insights for our team to further delve into. This helps us review a broader set of data and distill it into actionable insights that we can move on quickly, getting us to the most effective strategy and creative sooner.

Creating Proprietary Resources

We know the pain points of our clients and our team better than anyone else; why not create more resources that meet those specific needs? To that end, we’ve worked to develop our own tools, designed to meet our team’s needs and better serve our clients.

Bern-E is our proprietary generative chatbot, trained on our executive team’s knowledge and insights, spanning 100 years of advertising and PR, with a Philly twist. For more polished results, we’ve also developed Bern4rd, which adds a layer of improved writing and critical thinking to prompt results. These tools have already proved valuable in the concepting and development stages of campaigns, and we consistently work to improve and hone their accuracy and capabilities.

Guidance and Governance

To keep us ahead of the game, we’ve also integrated policies and best practices for AI use into our employee handbook. This section of the handbook provides an overview of ethical use, sample use cases, and guidelines for all of our employees so they can utilize AI mindfully, and to their advantage.

As we look to the future, we’re excited by the possibilities technology has in store for our industry. Stay tuned for more details around our custom-built tools in the coming months.

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