Brownstein On Spec: Debunking PR Myths

In today’s world, public relations is much more than just press releases and media relations. Communication happens in real-time – and often times in 140 characters or less. PR programs need to encompass everything from social media, video, blog content and thought leadership campaigns to award and conference nominations and event planning.

To have a successful PR program, you must develop a multi-faceted plan that will help you meet your business objects. PR can’t exist in a silo – it’s a critical component of your company’s larger business objectives.

Interested in learning more? Let’s dive right in and take a look at some common PR myths, and explore the value of a strategic, well-executed PR plan.

Myth #1: All Press is Good Press

This myth is a good place to start. Getting your firm’s name in a leading regional, trade or national publication, does not necessarily equal success or mean that your firm is being communicated about in a positive or beneficial manner. The goal of a strategic PR plan is to communicate your firm’s business goals to an identified target audience, and to reach your audience in the trusted media outlets and channels they most frequent.

Myth #2: PR Can’t be Measured

This is something we hear time and time again. A PR plan can absolutely be measured through a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods. Communications pros track the editorial quality of the coverage secured and look at important elements including if the coverage links to the client’s website, includes photo or video, and/or key messaging. It’s also important to work with an SEO team to determine the leading sources of website traffic.

On the social front, it’s critical to track metrics, including growth, reach, impressions and engagement, to see how the content resonates with your audience.

Myth #3: Press Releases Are A Must

Drafting and distributing a press release over the wire is no longer the end all be all of news distribution. PR goes far beyond the press release and involves a fully-integrated campaign. In the age of smartphones and social media, news is shared in real-time. Blogs and social media are just as effective of mediums for distributing and sharing news, and PR teams, need to reach out to reporters with personalized pitches that demonstrate their knowledge of the reporter’s past coverage. A blanket press release without a pitch will often be immediately deleted or sent to a spam folder.

Myth #4: PR is All About Luck and Good Timing

PR is about cultivating relationships with media and sharing information in a media-friendly and timely manner. It involves researching reporters, following their stories, social media channels, etc., and knowing what they are interested in, so when you want to share the latest company news, this relationship is already in place. There needs to be a strategy behind each and every media touchpoint.

Want to learn more about the strategic PR campaigns Brownstein Group has developed for our clients? Learn more here.

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