Are you there, Alexa? It’s Us, Brownstein

We forgot to make a holiday card. And we needed an excuse.

Could we blame the interns? No, we still needed their cheap labor enthusiasm.

Could we cancel the holidays completely? After all, they are non-billable hours.

We had to think of something, so we turned to our Development Team, a group of highly-skilled nerds on our sixth floor who like to tinker with technology, break stuff open, figure out how it works and then figure out a better way for it to work for our clients. We asked for their help, and they told us to ask someone else.

Introducing “The Resolution Helper” – a new Alexa app we created that helps you find a New Year’s Resolution (like “remember to make an agency holiday card”), and provides an excuse for when you either fail or give up. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – On your Alexa-enabled device, say: “Alexa, launch the Resolution Helper”

Step 2 – Then say: “Tell the Resolution Helper to give me a resolution”

Step 3 – Need an excuse? Say: “Tell the Resolution Helper to give me an excuse” or “Tell the Resolution Helper that I give up”

Step 4 – Realize that breaking a New Year’s Resolution isn’t that big a deal

Step 5 – Eat ice cream and be happy

Happy New Year! Stay tuned for more cool artificial intelligence work from Brownstein Group in 2018, and visit the Amazon app store in the meantime to check out “The Resolution Helper” – something we totally didn’t just back into at the last moment because we forgot to make a holiday card.

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