Anne Ryan at The Chamber: Resources for Mapping Changing Consumer Behaviors


Last Tuesday, Anne Ryan, VP and Director of Brand Strategy at Brownstein, hosted a webinar through The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia to help marketers map changing consumer mindsets and develop nimble, long-term strategies during a time of crisis. Using McKinsey’s economics-based path to recovery model, and by applying consumer insights gleaned from multiple research providers, Ryan demonstrated how brands can chart a path forward in each stage of the emerging economy.

“Marketing matters today, because marketing is about contextualizing our work and life,” Ryan said at the outset. “The best marketing sinks its teeth into a cultural moment. It builds consumer confidence and supports businesses at a critical time.”

After covering historical examples of brands that successfully overcame major economic challenges through advertising, Ryan walked the audience through a framework to match changing consumer mindsets to brand actions. Finally, Ryan discussed the meaning of brand longevity and how brands can leverage their existing values in order to weather difficult times and come out stronger than before.

For those of us that joined us, thank you! A recording of the webinar can be found above, and a handy cheat sheet to remember key brand actions and models covered by Ryan can be viewed and downloaded below.

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