Americans Still Find TV Ads More Relevant than Digital

“Despite marketers’ efforts with advanced programmatic and data targeting for video ads, consumers still find that they are more likely to be served a relevant ad on linear TV. According to a survey conducted by Adobe in February 2019, 49% of US internet users said that TV was one of the mediums where they were most likely to see a relevant ad, while just 12% said the same about streaming video.”

Source: eMarketer



Digital video enables marketers to target audiences through programmatic ads by leveraging audience data not available to TV. In addition to optimizing targeting, costs are also typically lower – creating several perceived advantages. However, if viewers are still finding TV to be more relevant, then programmatic video may not be as effective as the industry thinks. In an age where personalization and hyper-targeted seem to reign, sometimes tried-and-true tactics still win the hearts of consumers.

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