We chat with the guys from the Fishtown hotspot “Philadelphia Distilling” about their hugely popular Bluecoat gin, the craft spirits industry and how they used branding/marketing to open the first distillery in Pennsylvania since Prohibition.

Guests Include:

  • Canyon Shayer, Bar Manager at Philadelphia Distilling
  • Jared Ridgeway, Head of Bartending at Philadelphia Distilling

Listen to Episode 2 Here:

Outtakes from Episode 2:

“Competition is competition; I think it just boils down to what you’re doing that makes you distinct. And as long as you can get people to recognize that and make them feel a part of it, it doesn’t matter who else is out there making another product.”

“People buying things now are taking more ownership over what they’re buying and how it’s made. We’re getting a more sophisticated customer who wants to be more educated about what they are ingesting.”

“I feel like people in the city of Philadelphia are just very genuine, and also very loyal. So when you have a good product and you present it in a way that’s approachable, more times than not people are going to be receptive of it.”