TruGreen Launches An Extraterrestrial Brand Campaign with Brownstein

TruGreen, the largest provider of lawn care services in the country, has launched its first brand campaign with Brownstein Group, bringing an extraterrestrial and humorous twist to a national direct-response marketing campaign. The two TV spots, accompanied by digital and social creative assets, play with humor and homeowner pride to promote TruGreen’s science-based expertise and localized service experience. 

The two ads are unassuming at first. Set in a nondescript suburb, we follow our protagonists as they stroll on the sidewalk on a sunny day. In the first spot, a couple comes to a sudden halt as the camera zooms in on their puzzled expressions. “Greg are you seeing this? The woman asks. The eerie music builds until the camera cuts to a green lawn, where several aliens are busy inspecting the grass — their mothership hovering just above them. 

 “I have never seen…” She continues as the tension peaks and the music stops. “Such a gorgeous lawn!”  

In the second spot, a man and woman casually walk their bikes in the neighborhood only to come face-to-face with the blinding light of an incoming meteor. “My goodness! That is a spectacular lawn!” The woman exclaims as the rock strikes, just inches away from the green and healthy lawn that has stolen their attention. 

“It’s definitely an unconventional approach to direct-response marketing,” says Chris Grenier, Creative Director of Copy at Brownstein Group. “We got a chance to innovate on the form through surprise and humor, cleverly building up to the final payoff lineWhen you see a great lawn, it’s all you see. 

The line is delivered by voiceover to punctuate the commercial, emphasizing TruGreen’s ability to deliver results that make a statement.  

We wanted each spot to feel like a little movie,” says Meredith Schwinder, Creative Director of Art at Brownstein Group. “Where the lawn becomes the surprise star of the story. 

The spot’s messaging is built on research conducted by Brownstein Group’s strategy team. It was directed by Matt Dilmore of Gifted Youth, and produced in collaboration with Cosmo Street, Method Studios, and CO3.   

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, TruGreen operates 260 branches and 38 franchise locations across the United States and Canada, offering a comprehensive set of lawn care services to more than 2.4 million residential and commercial customers. Since last September, Brownstein Group has served as TruGreen’s Strategy and Creative Agency of Record.  

“Brownstein Group’s creative execution keeps pace with our ambitious growth goals,” says Anthony Conversa, TruGreen’s Chief Growth Officer. “It delivers a key message through a national loudspeakerthat something as ordinary as a suburban lawn could become extraordinary with the help of TruGreen.” 


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