NJM Unveils “No Jingles or Mascots” Spot Featuring Carli Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA, July 19 2021 — NJM Insurance Group’s “No Jingles or Mascots” campaign, made in collaboration with Brownstein, continues with the release of a new spot featuring two-time soccer gold medalist and World Cup Champion, Carli Lloyd. The spot builds on the campaign’s theme of taking aim at insurance category clichés to underline NJM’s award-winning customer service and transparency with its policyholders.

“Brownstein’s work underlines NJM’s commitment to providing policyholders with what matters most,” said Cam Maio, Vice President of Marketing at NJM. “It reminds our audience that the heritage and reputation of the NJM brand can outlast any marketing gimmick, and that our customers and their experience always come first.”

In the spot, Lloyd, a longtime NJM policyholder, is approached mid-match by a giant blue bear — an actor looking to become NJM’s new mascot. However, his attempts to land an interview at NJM, leveraging Lloyd’s connections to the brand, are rebuffed by the professional soccer player. “I don’t think that’s going to work,” she says after mentioning the ease of getting a quote online.

NJM has had a longstanding relationship with Lloyd, who has done several commercials and event appearances for the brand over the years. Lloyd and her family members have been NJM policyholders for more than two decades.

NJM is a well-established insurance provider in New Jersey, and is quickly expanding into new markets in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest. As the brand seeks to make an impression with new customers, NJM faces another challenge: the ferocity of the home & auto insurance media landscape — where many insurance brands spend upwards of $2B annually in search of market share.

The “No Jingles or No Mascots” campaign takes this challenge head-on with a differentiating message, and it has already garnered praise in advertising media, including a feature in ADWEEK by Brands Editor Robert Klara.

“A known figure in a spot that says ‘no mascots’ is certainly tongue in cheek,” said Gary Greenberg, Executive Creative Director at Brownstein, “but with Carli also being a longtime customer, her experience with the brand provided an opportunity for a true testimonial of NJM’s gimmick-free, upfront customer service.”

About NJM Insurance Group

NJM is among the Mid-Atlantic’s leading property and casualty insurers. Founded in 1913, NJM’s mission is to provide value-based insurance solutions to its policyholders with the highest levels of service, integrity, and financial stewardship. The Company operates in a mutual fashion for the exclusive benefit of its policyholders. Headquartered in West Trenton, NJ, NJM employs nearly 2,500 workers. For more, visit njm.com.

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