Marc Brownstein

The Basics (how many years have you been in the business and what’s your education – no fluff, just the facts, ma’am)

Long enough to learn a few things

What does 215 mean to you, in one word?

Born & bred Philly. Can’t fake passion.

What does gritty mean to you?

We just flat-out care more!

Why share your last name with about 100 strangers?

Been doing it since 1964

What makes for a good leader?

Create an environment that makes people want to come to work every day.

What annoys you?


What did your writing background teach you as a CEO?

I can express my thoughts effectively to anyone

Write a tagline for yourself in a few words.

In it to win it

How does a CEO stay relevant?

Staying curious and being a life-long learner

What makes someone an expert?

Creating and executing the right strategy

What’s more important – networking online, or in-person?

In person

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