Erin Allsman

The Basics (how many years have you been in the business and what’s your education – no fluff, just the facts, ma’am)

16 Years

BA, English, Dickinson College; MA, Communication, University of Delaware; Accreditation in Public Relations, Public Relations Society of America

What does 215 mean to you, in one word?


What does gritty mean to you?

Raw, unrefined

Would you rather change the way people think, or act?


What rules should we be breaking?

Rules that stifle creative thinking.

What does success mean to you?

Shared growth between the agency and our clients. We help their businesses grow, and in turn they support our growth.

What makes you like a Brownstein?

The belief in personal accountability. And a little perfectionism.

What makes you not like one?

I frequently consume carbohydrates.

What’s the biggest surprise we bring to our clients?

I hope we do not frequently surprise them, other than by how “in the weeds” we can get with their business.

So someone’s making a movie about your career, what’s the tagline?

They made it already: “I don’t know how she does it.” I get that all the time. I don’t even know. I frequently question my own sanity.

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