DuPont™ Sorona® Campaign Granted Gold Award by Graphis Photography Annual 2019

The 2019 Graphis Photography Annual, a global competition, has selected a series of images for DuPont™ Sorona® – part of a campaign created by Brownstein Group (BG) – as a “Gold” winner in the advertising category.

Taken by photographer RJ Muna with art direction from BG associate creative director Adrian Castillo, the images showcase Sorona®, an eco-efficient performance fiber, in a carpet application.

To illustrate Sorona’s plush and delicate feel along with its high quality, the photography creates an abstract space where models, floating in mid-air, are whimsically intertwined with carpet made from Sorona®. The project was a collaborative effort between BG, Muna and DuPont™ Biomaterials, led by Global Marketing Director Renee Henze.

“Our client set the goal that they wanted an approach that was bold and unconventional in the textile industry, which is always what we like to hear,” said Castillo. “They wanted to highlight how incredibly soft Sorona® is all while evoking a sense of sophistication. Muna was able to take our concept, with all its variables and nuances, and create beautiful photographs. We were thrilled with how it all came together.”

In all of the marketing initiatives for Sorona® carpet, these photographs serve as the visual identity, connecting the brand with the qualities it’s best known for. The marketing efforts encompass social media, print and digital.

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