Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. with Brownstein

In 1980 — 12 years after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. — Stevie Wonder released the song Happy Birthday in honor of Dr. King and in support of the campaign to have his birthday commemorated as a national holiday. He sang:

Why has there never been a holiday
Where peace is celebrated

All throughout the world?

It should be a great event
And the whole day should be spent
In full remembrance
Of those who lived and died for the oneness of all people

It would take until 2000 for the holiday to be recognized by all states, but today, it serves as a reminder to dream big and live for others. To celebrate not only Dr. King, but all those who step up in the fight for universal civil rights and against racism and inequality.

We’ve put together a list of resources and activities in the spirit of Dr. King and his legacy. Whether you want to hustle for the cause, share some resources, or become more educated about civil rights movements today, there’s something for you in the list below.


Drop off clothing items at Career Wardrobe,  which is always on the lookout for professional and casual clothing items for all genders.

Deliver groceries, medications, and supplies to those at risk for exposure to COVID-19 with Perfect Strangers Delivery.

Drop of toiletries and school supplies at the Drueding Center, a transitional housing provider for formerly homeless families.

Join the Love Thy Hood movement in Kensington, Germantown, and South Philadelphia and help out with volunteer street cleaning this Sunday in honor of Dr. King.

Check out Global Citizen’s handy database of MLK Day volunteer activities near you.


Join the National Liberty Museum for a full weekend of family-fun virtual programs to honor the life, memory, and work of Dr. King.

The African American Museum in Philadelphia will be hosting a full weekend of workshops and educational events, including a dramatic rendition of I Have a Dream.

The National Constitution Center will offer a free, live virtual class on the civil rights movement on MLK Day. Sign up here.

On MLK Day, Eastern State Penitentiary will host readings, discussions and reflections of Dr. King and his 1963 “Letter from Birmingham Jail.”

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