Brownstein Helps The Giant Company Define its Brand with New Campaign

As The GIANT Company continues the rollout of its new brand platform, “For Today’s Table™”, the company is breaking away from the typical marketing campaign, instead taking an approach that’s rooted in and celebrates real people, telling real stories about real life. In The GIANT Company’s latest collaboration with Brownstein, five real families are the stars, showcasing the brand’s commitment to authenticity as it delivers its core message: that the world is a better place when families come together at their table and connect over a meal, no matter where their table may be.

“To really capture the essence of For Today’s Table, we wanted to create something that was authentic and relatable, and there was no better way to achieve that than by showcasing our real customers and their families,” said Matt Simon, chief marketing officer, The GIANT Company. “Our decision to move away from actors, scripts and staged scenes in favor of real stories from real people speaks directly to what today’s customers are seeking as they make decisions about where to shop and who they turn to when it comes to caring for their families; they want a real brand. It’s our hope that they’ll see themselves in these families and The GIANT Company as their partner in making life a little bit easier and helping them get back to what matters most.”

The new campaign, includes a recording of the iconic song, “Teach Your Children” by Crosby Stills Nash & Young, covered by a GIANT Company team member, Hannah Reese. Helping to tell the For Today’s Table story are five families: The Gorals from Jamison, Pa., The Lys from Lansdale, Pa., The Byrds from Hagerstown, Md., The Butts from Pennsburg, Pa., and The Esteps from Harrisonburg, Va. —  actual GIANT and MARTIN’S customers.

To capture real life, each family was asked to film themselves over the course of several weeks, capturing the good, the unexpected, the challenging and everything in between. The result was hours of footage as the families moved through daily life: morning routines, mealtime, playtime, celebrations and more were all caught on film.

“You can’t fake authenticity,” said Meredith Schwinder, creative director at Brownstein Group. “In order to do this right, we had to hand over the cameras to actual customers. There was no script. There were no storyboards. We just set out to find five awesome families who were willing to let us into their worlds. As a result, the spot breaks through with genuine purpose that is true to GIANT’s new brand platform.”

The 30-second TV spot for GIANT, as well as a version for its MARTIN’S banner, is now airing, as are digital and social elements. Watch a special extended version of the TV spot, complete with additional scenes, here:

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