PHILADELPHIA (February 23, 2015 )- Erin Allsman, Brownstein Group’s Vice President, Public Relations and Social Media, was featured in the February 22 installment of CBS Philly’s “Let’s Get to Work.”

The blog, which focuses on the latest issues in the Philadelphia job market, asked Allsman about the latest trends in the public relations field as well as advice for job seekers.

“I’m looking for three things: poise, process and a point of view,” said Allsman. “The candidate needs to be able to articulate his or her story succinctly and with confidence, because that will give me a hint as to how successful he or she may be when communicating our clients’ stories. They must demonstrate an understanding of the communications field, the process of public relations and the way in which agencies and clients work together, and be able to point to specific examples of success in such skills as media relations, strategic communications planning, crisis management, social media campaign execution and client/stakeholder relationship management.”

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