Wawa Siptopia


increase over sales target

Becoming the Go-To Summer Destination

As a pioneer in the fast, easy, on-the-go category, Wawa has transformed the traditional convenience store into something much more. It’s an institution for many (especially those living near its headquarters in Greater Philadelphia).

Although residents of the Mid-Atlantic readily associated Wawa with certain items (like the famous Wawa hoagie) Wawa looked to create an experience that would celebrate the variety of high-quality, handcrafted specialty beverages the stores also have to offer. This was the first time Wawa was presenting an offer with this breadth of variety – any specialty beverage, any size, at a promotional price.

The brand partnered with Brownstein Group to create a campaign platform that would generate sustained awareness and excitement over a 10-week long promotion for Wawa’s specialty beverage offerings, and make Wawa the “go-to” summer destination. The campaign would start in their Florida market and, from there, launch across Mid-Atlantic Wawa locations.


“Put Happiness into Your Everyday”

Brownstein Group knew that in order to create sustained brand awareness they needed to create a platform that would be ownable to Wawa and would stand out from other promotions. The agency also needed to find a way to categorize the diversity of the offering – after all, marketing the features of “handcrafted specialty beverages” varies based on your drink of choice. The solution? Brownstein Group created a singular branded campaign platform, called “Siptopia.”

Siptopia is a magical world, capable of transforming Wawa handcrafted beverages into a smile in a cup. “When you take a sip, you put happiness into your everyday.” This world would be the home for the entire campaign, responsible for driving awareness and social buzz over a 10-week long promotion in Florida, followed by a promotional campaign in the Mid-Atlantic. Siptopia came to life through the name, its customized look and feel created by Brownstein Group, as well as TV and radio spots, billboards, in-store signage, and associate T-shirts.

A Thirst for Success

While it’s impossible to count the thousands of happy customer faces, the Siptopia campaign helped Wawa exceed very aggressive campaign sales targets by 58%. It significantly grew and retained market share in the Florida market, and set the stage for further success in the Mid-Atlantic.

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