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Creating a sustainable brand

When DuPont Sorona® came to us, the eco-efficient do-it-all performance fiber had existed for more than a decade. It was well-established in the carpet market, and was gaining traction in fashion, athletic, and outdoor apparel. It was impressive enough to be a household name, and we were determined to make it one.

Developing a global brand without ever losing the thread

Our core assignment was to make Sorona®’s promise meaningful to audiences across the supply chain. We developed a channel plan to engage mill owners, manufacturers, designers, and even consumers. We identified what exactly made Sorona® stand out, and created a messaging framework around the idea that Sorona® fiber feels good, looks good, and does good.



To bring the elevated brand to life, we needed photography that also raised the bar. For apparel, that meant imagery that felt like real life. We focused on the details of the moment, highlighting the fiber’s tactile qualities, strength, and movement within the fabrics.

Carpet was all about making Sorona® seem irresistible—pushing past the expected; quite literally taking it up off the floor and into an abstract, sensual space.

Creative Executions

Above all, every brand material had to showcase Sorona® as a premium product. This meant a website with minimalist design that was elegant and versatile, speaking to myriad brands as well as manufacturers and consumers. It also meant an active and empowering headline theory supported by evocative language and descriptive imagery that made the benefits of Sorona® feel tactile and genuine.

This tone and design carried through all collateral, from brochures and hang tags to co-branded pieces with brand partners across the globe.

Social Media

Now that Sorona® had a story, we were ready to debut it on social media. We built on Sorona®’s identity as a leader in sustainable living, sharing relevant, interactive custom content such as environmental statistics and tips, yoga stretches, and inspirational quotes. We also partnered with an Instagram influencer who shot her own lifestyle images, further capturing Sorona® in the moment – being used, worn, and loved. When she shared these images with her followers, it helped grow Sorona®’s audience, too.

PR & Media Relations

We wanted people to hear “Sorona” and think of softness, performance, and sustainability. That meant getting it in front of the right people—developing relationships with reporters and influencers from textile, carpet, and apparel media outlets. We showcased at trade shows, competed for industry awards, and built partnership programs with downstream brand partners to further support adoption across the supply chain.

Weaving a story with staying power

A year later, we’d secured coverage in over 15 noteworthy publications, built a base of advocates on social media, and helped pave the way for new partnerships with downstream brands.


  • Silver Honor at the World Textile Awards for Fiber Producer of the Year
  • The photography for carpet won gold recognition in the Graphis Photography Annual 2019, a global competition

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