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Hiring for the Future

Nexxt is a recruitment media company catering to the next generation of hiring. For more than six years, the company (formerly known as Beyond) has relied upon Brownstein Group (BG) to execute a public relations campaign focused reaching consumers and recruiters via top-tier national, business, and industry media outlets. In 2018, BG and Nexxt evolved the campaign to include a robust content development program targeting recruiters within core verticals in order to support business development.

During the Recession years, our focus was largely on unemployment and helping job seekers and recruiters in a struggling economy. But as the hiring market improved and unemployment reached record lows in 2018, the challenge became staying relevant to consumers, serving as a trusted resource for recruiters, and continuing to increase brand awareness in a competitive landscape that includes household names like LinkedIn, Monster, and CareerBuilder.

Driving Storylines With Data

To consistently secure top-tier media placements and develop engaging content on timely issues, BG needed a creative approach to resonate with the diversity of our audiences. With nearly 60 million job seekers in the Nexxt network, we developed a strategy to survey the community on hot-button and trending issues. The resulting data yielded insights on subjects such as changing generational behavior, the job search process in a tight labor market, and new interview trends and techniques. In 2018, we also embarked on a more targeted survey approach, tailoring surveys to job seekers within specific industries such as retail, customer service, and health care.


The survey insights and data points allowed BG to provide quick commentary to national, regional, and industry media on a variety of trending news topics. Additionally, the job seeker data continues to help us create unique storylines for Nexxt’s Employment Metrix blog and white paper content that ties trending issues with Nexxt product offerings in order to showcase the company’s expertise and innovations to recruiters.

In addition to content around survey insights, BG sought to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit of the Nexxt team and contextualize their collective ingenuity through feature placements that profiled the company and its senior leadership. We targeted well-known regional media close to the Nexxt headquarters in an effort to bolster local brand awareness and attract top talent.

Always Focusing on What’s Nexxt

Over just the last three years, BG has secured more than 250 national, industry, and regional media placements primarily focused on trending topics related to survey data. More than 58 percent of the placements were featured in top-tier national media such as Business Insider, U.S. News & World Report, Fast Company, and Forbes. Additionally, BG secured eight company/executive profile pieces in 2017. Overall, the media coverage has resulted in more than 93,000 social media actions.

In 2018, the Employment Metrix blog and white paper content resulted in more than 29,000 total unique user visits and 357 blog subscriptions. The white papers had more than 150 downloads, and most notably, “The Future of Customer Service in America” white paper generated more than 20,000 views.

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