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of earned media in 6 months

The center that LEGO built

Merlin Entertainments, the second-largest attraction group in the world, needed help introducing their LEGOLAND Discovery Center to the Philadelphia market. It wasn’t enough to just create awareness of the new LEGOLAND Discovery Center—we wanted to create anticipation. That meant educating parents about the center’s offerings and how they differ from any other attraction they knew. Our strategy involved taking the creative, playful nature of LEGO and turning it into a journey for media and families—from ground breaking all the way through opening day.

Discovering our inner child

Our media relations plan was both targeted and big: designed to reach a million families over the six months leading up to opening day, all with children between ages 3 and 10, and all within a one-hour drive. The journey we took them on? We created stories out of important milestones on the path to the Grand Opening, like a non-traditional ground breaking, Creative Crew Search, Brick Factor, the MINILAND Model Unveiling, a Media Preview event and more.


They broke ground, we broke records

Coverage of the new LEGOLAND Discovery Center’s opening beat the media coverage of all prior openings nationwide. Sales goals for Annual Passes were exceeded before the attraction even opened its doors, and general admission sales doubled in the first three weeks. Event spaces were 100% booked for the following two months as well.

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