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High Stakes to Announce a New High-Rise

In 2013, real estate developer Dranoff Properties announced plans for a mixed-use building on the Avenue of the Arts that was to be a combination of hotel rooms and luxury condominiums. As time went on, plans for the site changed and Dranoff moved in a new direction, leaving the large lot vacant and details of the project under wraps for years. When Dranoff was finally ready to reveal their much-anticipated plans for the site, Brownstein Group (BG) was enlisted to plan a high-profile event for the official announcement.

With Dranoff staying mum on the plans for “the building at the corner of Broad and Spruce,” media and other stakeholders were eager for information on the building, but they had to wait until the event to get any details on the project, including the name – Arthaus.

Since news of the site’s original plans had already been made public, BG had to ensure the message was clear moving forward – the move to a no-compromise, condo-only building was intentional. Additionally, a direct competitor had already announced plans for another luxury residential high-rise in Center City, monopolizing much of the media coverage on new condo development. The unveiling event and resulting media coverage had to truly highlight the superior design, amenities, and singular benefits that Arthaus would offer residents.

Unveiling the Avenue’s Newest Resident

In order to pique early interest in the building from media, brokers, and prospective buyers, BG curated an engaging, sophisticated media event that truly showcased the distinctive features of the project and what sets it apart from nearby competition. The media event emulated the nuances of Arthaus, bringing the “built for visionaries, by visionaries” tagline to life.

The event was held at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, overlooking the job site so attendees could see the progress already underway. BG worked with Dranoff to secure speakers who told a holistic story centered on the impact of the building, from the jobs it will create to the homecoming story of the world-class architect enlisted to design it with elements true to Philadelphia’s architectural history. Every detail of the event carried elements of the building’s attributes, including live plants and parting gifts of seeds—a nod to Arthaus’ sky garden, which will feature a first-of-its-kind rooftop greenhouse and individual gardening beds for residents.

To give attendees a look inside the project in a unique way, BG worked with Nucleus Digital to create a video that introduced the name “Arthaus,” its logo, and the first renderings of the building to attendees. The remarks were capped off with the unveiling of a scale model of Arthaus.


Sky High Results

The Arthaus unveiling was Dranoff Properties’ highest-attended media event to date with 233 attendees. Embargoed media outreach prior to the event, on-site interviews at the event, and subsequent media relations efforts resulted in dozens of high-quality media placements over just a few days.

BG secured earned media placements across broadcast, print, and digital outlets in regional and trade media, including the front page of The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Business Journal, Philadelphia Magazine, Builder, ArchDaily, Bisnow, and multiple broadcast segments on all four major Philadelphia stations. Media coverage effectively drove home the key messages so important to setting Arthaus apart and reinforcing its new position as a residential-only building.

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