Three Ways to Up Your Twitter Game

Twitter is an amazing way for brands and businesses to interact directly with fans and build relationships with customers. Whether it’s sharing an article that your CEO was quoted in or a photo of your employees participating in an Earth Day clean-up, every tweet can make a big impact, thanks to the viral nature of Twitter. If used incorrectly however, you could find your business or brand tweeting into the void, or worse, offending potential customers.

We asked our Brownstein Group social media gurus to give us the top three mistakes that businesses and brands on making on Twitter right now.


1. Improper use of #hashtags

This is perhaps the most common and damaging mistake a company can make. There have been way too many horror stories of brands jumping on a hashtag and posting something that turns out to be offensive or hurtful because they don’t know what the hashtag is actually referring to. Not doing your homework can make your brand look bad…and potentially land you on a list of bad tweets!

2. Stay in your brand lane

Before you start tweeting, it’s very important to define your brand’s social media voice, who your target audience is and what their voice is. Don’t use humor if it isn’t your brand persona or identity. Don’t feel like you need to post about National Ice Cream Day, National Pizza Day and National Mac and Cheese Day if your business doesn’t offer any of those to customers. It just feels forced otherwise.

3. Auto-Sharing Isn’t Always Caring

While you may think it saves time and energy, auto-sharing from Instagram to Twitter makes your audience miss out on what you’re trying to say and what image you want them to see! Twitter cuts off your caption and links out to Instagram, rather than including the image in your tweet. It’s best to optimize the content for the platform you’re posting to-and the audience that you have on that platform.

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