Three Ways to Spring Clean Your Website

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining which could only mean one thing…spring is here! And with the arrival of spring comes spring cleaning!

While we do think it’s important to hose off the patio furniture, bang the dust out of the carpets and fling open all of the windows, we’re referring to spring cleaning that takes place in a different type of home. A homepage, to be exact. It’s time to spring clean your website!

Before you start to freak out, cleaning up your website can be done quickly and relatively easily. Here are three quick tips to help freshen up your website:

Size Matters
It’s important to make sure that any text or photos on your website scale properly to different devices. By using relative units, (EM is relative to the parent, REM is relative to html tag) you can adjust all your font sizes, margins, padding, etc. at once!

Give Them Some Space
Review each page to make sure that clickable elements are big enough and spaced out enough to allow users to easily access them on touch devices.

What Am I Looking At?
To ensure a high click through rate, add a small description to clickable elements giving users a preview of what they are agreeing to or what they are about to see. For example, instead of a “Subscribe Now” button, say “Like what you see? Click here to make sure you never miss any news from Brownstein Group!”

Now that your website is clean and tidy, it’s time to tackle that weird smell coming from the refrigerator…

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