PHILADELPHIA (March 15, 2016) Agency account executives play a critical role in your business operations. Not only are they overseeing deliverables from your junior staff and interns; they’re also “managing up” by serving as your clients’ main point of contact and relaying those communications to senior management.

With their function being so integral to your agency’s inner workings, it’s important to be cognizant of what types of personality traits potential AEs express in their interview.

According to Brownstein Group Senior Vice President of Public Relations and Social Media Erin Allsman, the point of view of the candidate is something that should weigh heavily in the decision making process.

“Our industry changes daily, and we need to be on the pulse of where it is going,” said Allsman. “I look for individuals who can articulate an opinion on the future of public relations and a point of view that shows that he or she will bring a combination of experience and creative thinking.”