SVP Public Relations and Social Media Erin Allsman Gives Social Media Tips on

PHILADELPHIA (July 8. 2016)– Social media is a great way for your brand to connect with your audience in real time. Before you go all in, however, it’s important to define a strategy — including do’s and don’ts — so that your company uses these channels wisely and doesn’t end up in hot water.

For example, perhaps it doesn’t make sense to be active on every platform — maybe your customers prefer to use LinkedIn LNKD +0.08% over Snapchat. Be sure to also have a strong focus on the type of content you’re posting, as spamming your followers with irrelevant or repetitive messaging could make them want to unfollow your channels for good.

According to Brownstein Group Senior Vice President of Public Relations and Social Media Erin Allsman, in order to make social media work in real time you need to make sure that you still do plenty of planning and research.

“There have been so many mistakes made with real-time response. Brands try to capture share of voice during a major event or cultural moment (like the Oscars or Grammys) without having all the information, which has resulted in dozens of cases of mistaken identity, jokes in poor taste and misinterpretation of historical facts,” says Allsman.

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