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PHILADELPHIA (October 26, 2016)– It doesn’t take a splashy campaign to position America’s banks as a leader in innovation, a community builder or an employer of choice. All it takes is for the people within the banks to take pride in what they do—and to share the good news. The stories don’t have to be big. They just have to hit home.

Brownstein Group Public Relations Account Director Sean Carney gave readers a few tips on how best to promote your bank.

  1. Keep the message genuine. Sean Carney, public relations account director at Brownstein Group stresses the importance of authenticity. “Be careful to not be overly bombastic or effusive in self-praise of bank efforts, and always keep the attention on the community itself,” he said. “Even the best intentions may backfire if the public senses an ulterior promotional angle.”
  2. Be relevant. Remember that consumers are bombarded with information every day. They’ll pay attention only to what’s important to them. Carney suggests that when you talk about your work in the community, align your communications with community stakeholders that already have an engaged audience. Anything else? “Let’s be really honest with ourselves,” Carney said. “No one likes a picture of five guys in suits holding an oversized check.”
  3. Don’t be afraid to take a counterintuitive approach. Carney suggests that you limit the clever hashtags and calls-to-action. You’ll want to set expectations with bank leadership, so that they understand the goal here is to “focus on increasing market share in hearts and minds” rather than dollars and cents.

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