Philadelphia Egotist Features National Lacrosse League’s New Logo Designed by Brownstein

PHILADELPHIA (January 10, 2017)– The National Lacrosse League, the largest men’s professional indoor lacrosse league in North America, has a bold new logo that honors its rich 30-year history, thanks to Brownstein Group.

The design draws upon the game’s origin as the oldest sport in North America and pays homage its Native American roots. The main structure of the logo—the shield—represents the warrior spirit of the game, while the four-pointed NLL star is derived from the Native American Morning Star, representing the four original NLL teams. In addition, the new design features a bold, modern typeface, a custom color palette for each of the nine teams in the League, and beveling that adds a final finish and metallic luster to the design. It’s a new and modern symbol of the league, as you can see in this before and after comparison.

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