Marc Brownstein Tells Readers What They Should Know About Content Marketing in Latest Edition of Philadelphia Inquirer PivotPoint

PHILADELPHIA (February 23, 2016)– Brownstein Group President & CEO Marc Brownstein tell readers what they should know about “content marketing” in the latest edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer’s PivotPoint feature.

“Companies today have to think of themselves as publishers, turning out thought leadership on their industry, products and services, on a daily basis,” says Brownstein. “This is both a blessing and a curse. Content marketing can give a small business the opportunity to have a voice and get current and prospective customers engaged. But it’s also demanding, because content marketing is a 24/7 job, requiring new content creation regularly.

The content can come in many forms and on a variety of platforms. It’s social media; quick stories told in video; native advertising, which is the modern advertorial-advertising that looks like editorial but is a click away from driving eyeballs to your site. Content marketing also includes website updates, blog posting and White Papers where you offer your industry-leading thoughts.

I recommend you hire someone full or part-time to oversee your content marketing. You could even hire a smart, college intern who can get you started and grow into a staff position. That way, you can focus on running your business.”

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