Marc Brownstein Talks Social Media for Business in Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA (November 16, 2015)Marc Brownstein was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Business section, giving advice on using social media to attract and retain business.

“In general, best practices in social media are: have a plan; don’t start posting until you are ready to make it a consistent habit; be strategic and compelling in your posts, so that you engage users, not turn them off; and while it’s important to be consistent with your posts, you can also post too often. So find your cadence, respect your audience, and communicate to them in ways that encourage them to keep your business top of mind, and ultimately purchase from you. Each social platform offers unique ways to communicate. Twitter is best for thought leadership, while Instagram is highly visual (pictures & video). Facebook allows users to post updates with pictures, videos and text, and its format encourages commentary, including ‘Likes.’ Then there’s Vine, which hosts six-second video, which can be highly effective for telling stories and selling products. SnapChat is coming on strong among a younger age group, largely 18-29 year olds—and allows users to post pictures and videos that disappear in seconds, or ‘My Stories’ which remain for a day.”

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