Marc Brownstein Give Tips on Making Desktop and Mobile Content More Effective in Latest Ad Age Post

PHILADELPHIA (March 7, 2016) Marc Brownstein give readers tips on how to make desktop and mobile content more effective in his latest entry of Ad Age’s Small Agency Diary.

The media landscape is littered with paid ads, from pre-roll video to pop-up ads to brand-supported Facebook postings, and most users can’t wait to “x” them out or scroll past them. Assuming that’s the case, there are a few questions that must be addressed if ad dollars are going to continue to flow online. If not, marketers are going to ask themselves, “So what?” Translation: So what if your site, app or YouTube channel is more popular than the nightly news? If consumers are running from these unwanted ads, then you’re wasting money advertising on them.

Here are a few ways agencies can help make digital ads and content more effective:

1. Don’t shoot the message.¬†

2. Move from mediocre to great.

3. Support your social media.

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