PHILADELPHIA (March 2, 2016)– Brownstein Group Senior Art Director Kaitlyn Angstadt talks what it takes to be an art director at an advertising agency in a recent article by Media Bistro.

“Every day is different, [and] that’s what I love most about my job,” says Angstadt. She spends some days holed up in a room with other creatives conceptualizing an ad campaign while others are spent creating a brand’s identity or layouts for a print ad. And then there are the days she’s at a photo shoot overseeing its production, ensuring the concept is realized.

“To create something meaningful, you must start with a strong idea,” says Angstadt. “This is the backbone of commercial art.”

Good communication skills are also essential. Your team has to understand what you want in order to deliver it. Clearly articulate your vision or risk jeopardizing the quality of the project.

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