Melinda Ramos

The Basics (how many years have you been in the business and what’s your education – no fluff, just the facts, ma’am)

I’ve been in the HR field for 20 years and I have a degree in Business Management with a minor in HR from American InterContinental University. Various training courses in employment law + HR management cert.

What does 215 mean to you, in one word?


What does gritty mean to you?

Authentic – no pretense

How do you handle HR in a creative field?

I always keep in mind for whatever I’m working on, i.e.,  a new policy or cultural activity, it can’t be perceived as stifling the creative process. My goal is to support the creative process while creating structure that allows our employees to focus on what they do best.

What does culture mean to you?

It means having a collective point of view on the service we provide. Collaborating, problem solving and communicating to achieve our client’s vision.

How are you shaking things up?

I’m shaking things up by being an advocate for diversity and bringing awareness that in order to differentiate ourselves from other agencies we have to work harder to recruit and develop diverse talent, which ultimately will result in profitability.

What’s one thing you’ll never say?

I’ll never say ‘it was all for nothing’ – there is always a reason, a lesson or some nugget that I can take away from an experience or moment in time. Even if I can’t see it right away.

What do you think people get wrong about HR?

That the service we provide is either planning parties or firing people.

What are people looking for most in an agency?

What I hear most from candidates I interview is that they want to be at an agency that will help them hone their skills and one that allows for development opportunities. They want to be able to commit to a place they think will give them the greatest opportunity to grow their careers