Berny Brownstein

The Basics (how many years have you been in the business and what’s your education?)

53 years. 4 year Art School Graduate


What does gritty mean to you?

We meet problems head on solving problems with honesty, by communicating and motivating effectively with an audience.

What makes for great work?

Creating great work that cuts through the daily clutter, and, by it’s very nature, demands attention.

What are you most proud of?

Our creative history and reputation for integrity.

What’s your leadership style?

Hire great people and let them alone to happily do what they do best.

What is bad advertising?

Ignoring the benefits of the client’s product, by producing irrelevant work, that’s absent of motivation.

What leader in history do you admire most?

In modern world history; Winston Churchill and Jack Kennedy. They both had faith and believed in the integrity of the people, primarily inspiring the youth and the young at heart. In advertising; Bill Bernbach. In the early 50’s, he created Advertising’s Creative Revolution we all live by today.

Who would you want to narrate the Berny Brownstein Story?

Marc Brownstein.

What do clients expect now vs 1964?

Results. They want us to make them highly competitive in their industry, and increase market share. They want us to believe in their product, to use their budgets wisely, and, to make them proud of the work we created for them.

When do you know work on an ad is “finished”?

When you’re certain your idea will emotionally motivate, based on all the research you’ve been given, you’re belief in the product or service, which can result in a dramatic, new approach to relating the client’s unique story, and can result in effecting audiences.

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