Director of Brand Strategy Anne Ryan to Present on Talent Branding at Philly SHRM Tuesday Night

PHILADELPHIA (January 17, 2017)– Brownstein Group Director of Brand Strategy Anne Ryan has partnered with Philly SHRM to host a “Brand Together Playshop” Tuesday night from 5:30-8:00 pm at the Aramark Tower in Philadelphia.

“Brand Together” is a “playshop” about branding, choices, motivation, affinity, and loyalty, designed to awaken the power of branding within the HR community. This playshop will show all levels of HR Professionals how brand plays a role in the choices they make in their own lives, as well as how job seekers tap into brand fantasies when they’re evaluating companies as places to work.

The session will discuss the idea of brand fantasies and how they influence your company’s talent brand.  From there we’ll dive into why your talent brand matters, and why it’s worth the investment. We’ll then walk through the process of creating a talent brand by highlighting, first, how critical it is that HR and Marketing collaborate during the process so that Marketing can drive messaging while HR bundles benefits, perks, purpose, and culture as a reason to choose their company as a truly great place to work.

This is the first of a series of free Philly SHRM Career Development workshops designed to provide valuable career information for current or aspiring HR professionals. Whether you are pursuing entry into the profession, are in transition or are looking to solidify your career objectives, this series will help you establish a definitive plan for entry and progression in the field relative to your interests and goals.

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