PHILADELPHIA (June 2, 2015)– Brownstein Group and its unlimited vacation policy took center stage in a article this morning, as the news outlet took a look at the whether or not the rare BG perk will become more widespread.

BG offers its 70-plus employees unlimited paid time off, a policy it adopted three years ago. As long as employees are on top of their workloads, they’re free to take off whenever they please.

“People want to feel valued,” said Julia Missaggia, Director of Talent. “They don’t want to just feel valued as a resource that gets stuff done. They want to feel valued as a person. The unlimited PTO reflects that we see them as people.”

Unlimited vacation policies are far from widespread. About one percent of U.S. companies offer them, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. But such practices could gain traction as progressive companies shift toward human resource policies that value production over hourly input.

“We ask that everyone use their best judgment,” Missaggia said. “That works based off of trust. We expect people to act like adults and then we’ll treat them like adults. You know what you have on your plate. Let’s try to schedule it accordingly.”

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